• Residential Party Barn, Nightclub and Home Cinema specialists


    Rossco are highly recognised as sound, AV and acoustic specialists. Our expertise covers AV & sound system designs for parties and events, as well as permanent installations for private houses, public spaces and hospitality.


  • Party Barn Services


    Rossco have extensive experience and knowledge in the design and installation of technology for what has become popularly known as party barns.

    Working alongside architects, interior designers, construction teams and timber framed builders our dedicated team will design the specification and infrastructure for the audio visual and lighting systems, with attention to the concealment of equipment within the interiors of the project space.


    Rossco design and supply complete solutions that are both reliable and easy to use including:



    Lighting design and installation for both interior and exterior requirements with simple control to create the atmosphere you require from controlled mood lighting and art illumination to lasers and disco effects.



    Large screen projection or flat screen to suit any occasion including home cinema, gaming, sport and live events.



    Sound system design and installation to meet any client needs from background music, music streaming and DJ quality nightclub to home cinema audio, recording studio facilities and live music production.



    Acoustic modeling to establish the best solutions for sound proofing and internal acoustics, ensuring the final result is comfortable and fit for purpose.


  • Party Barn case study


    This spectacular building was originally a village hall on the Wardour Estate, Wiltshire. Built in the late 19th Century it started life as a hall and theatre for the Estate workers then an artist studio and more recently a stunning Party Barn. The interiors were designed by consultant Edward Bulmer using his Natural Paint collection and the audio visual, lighting and acoustic treatment designed by Rossco.


    The beautiful double height room with upper gallery has discreetly installed sound and vision equipment for streaming background music, high-end stereo listening, home cinema and the infrastructure for live music events. The lighting was designed by Stileman Lighting with the control systems from Lutron including disco lighting and mirror ball for parties.


    Another beautifully designed installation by Rossco.



    25 years experience delivering audio-visual solutions


    Rossco have over 25 years experience designing and installing bespoke audiovisual systems for private, corporate and public events.


    “I have been passionate about sound all my life… nobody wants to see the technical equipment and I love to design solutions that ensure it is as discreet as possible…”